Rebate Information

As part of Green and Save services for installation project of Solar Power System we offered our clients assistance to apply for relevant incentive and government rebate. Hence making purchase of your solar power system hassle free and more is affordable.

Currently there are two types of rebates to making your investment in solar panel viable these are:

Renewable Energy Certificate also know as REC/STC that allows you to get rebate on the cost of you solar panel purchase. You eligible for rebate when you purchase a solar hot water, solar/wind power systems or solar panels. For further information please email our office through the Contact link on this website.

Currently there is application for solar bonus scheme is already ceased. customer need to contact their energy provider for the electricity rate feed back to the grid.

For more information please visit the NSW Government website detailing the "Solar Bonus Scheme for NSW". Alternatively, please read the extracted information from the NSW Government website detailing the "Solar Bonus Scheme for NSW"

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