Solar Bonus Scheme for NSW

The Solar Bonus Scheme (currently closed) is the NSW Government's gross feed-in tariff scheme. Through this scheme the Government has successfully reached its first milestone of 50 megawatts (MW) installed capacity. Including additional capacity installed since that milestone was reached. NSW has the largest amount of installed small scale photovoltaic (PV) systems of any jurisdiction.

Following a statutory review of the Scheme, the NSW Government announced changes to the design of the Solar Bonus Scheme. Notably for new customers joining the Scheme the tariff rate has been reduced to 20 cents from 60 cents. Customers who have connected systems by 27 October 2010 will not be affected by the tariff change.

The Scheme will also be capped at 300 megawatts (MW) of connected capacity. This change reflects the substantial fall in PV system purchase costs over the past twelve months and also takes account of the generous support provided through the Commonwealth's Renewable Energy Target scheme. Applications to connect have passed 300MW.

To reduce the impact of the Scheme on customer electricity bills, the NSW Government has announced new funding arrangements that will offset the costs of the Scheme, saving NSW customers more than $100 in 2011/12 on their electricity bills.

The Industry & Investment NSW website also provides general information on the Solar Bonus Scheme to assist individuals and businesses interested in participating in the Scheme. Neither Industry & Investment NSW nor Energy Information Line staff can provide advice on the individual circumstances of interested participants. Each customer has the responsibility for ensuring that their renewable energy generator installation meets all requirements of the Solar Bonus Scheme including complying with the metering and connection requirements of their distribution network.

For more information visit : NSW Government website

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