Green and Save was incorporated on July 2010. We have more than 3500 installations under our portfolio and completed more than 15,000,000 Watt Installed.

Green and Save is established based on the vision of providing our customers with Clean energy as well as saving our customers $$$ on their electricity bill. Our commitment for our customer are as follow:

1. Provide Quality products that
- Quality is in the heart and mine of Green and Save. Our company will enter our 7th anniversary this year which says alot about the quality of product that we supplied. 

2. Good Value for Money
- In fact on average. Green and Save projects has payback period of under 4 Years for our customer. Which mean that on average we generate 25%+ return on investment (ROI) on the solar system. 

3. From reputable brand
- Our supplied products are from Top Solar Panel brand in the world. Our products are from verified source and NOT from paralel import. 

Green and save have a standard $20 million public liability insurance to cover any unfortunate circumtances.

Installation of solar panel system is highly dependent on the weather pattern, roof conditions and material availability. We expect that most of our residential customer can be installed within 2-4 week turnaround. Please feel free to call us 13 000 33 888 should you have any questions in regard to your installation waiting time. 

We have designed a seamless installation process where we managed the complete installation including approval, meter installation and government rebate claim. All our customer need to do is start saving money from the first day after we complete your installation.